Fibromystory is my personal account of living with two long-term conditions; Fibromyalgia, and Hyper Mobility Syndrome.

I’m no expert in either health or fitness what I am is a person just like you figuring it out as I go. My name is Em. I’m a married 42 year old white woman, living in the South West of the UK. My life I’m sure resembles yours in many ways; home, work, family, wealth, health.

I decided to write a blog because I feel that since the Fibro diagnosis four years ago I have been on quite a journey. There have been plenty of lows but during this time I have physically transformed my body, stopped all medication and found a sense of mental wellbeing. There was a time I felt my health lived me, not anymore, I am reclaiming my life.

As I say I am no expert but I feel very proud of what I have achieved. The dream is to connect with and support others. The ultimate dream is to inspire anybody seeking change to go for it. I’m an everyday person just like you, if I can do it, you can do it!