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Meal preparation is really great but time consuming. ⏱⏳

Today I wanted to share with you this fantastic video link to a recent post by Goodful, demonstrating quick low carb meal prep ideas for your whole day. Here’s the link & a picture of my results 😊


Here are a few low-carb recipes to meal prep your WHOLE day! ✨💡
FULL RECIPES: http://bzfd.it/2gTAhvC

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It’s 😋

My attempt at the video recipes.

Meal prep for bodybuilding:

I suspect that even if you’re new to bodybuilding you’ve heard the phrase ‘macros’ – I’ve posted about this before so I won’t discuss too much now.

Essentially, macros refers to the amount of carbs, fats, proteins and fluids you need in a day to achieve your goals, whether it’s weight loss or muscle mass. However, ensuring that you eat the right foods as often as you should can be really tough within our busy days. Particularly if you’re trying to prep each meal as you need it – less likely to happen.

That’s why advice like this is useful to get you started with prepping in bulk and of course for recipe ideas.  

For me, I’m naturally small framed but want to build muscle mass, this means a lot of carbs and proteins per day but I find it really tough to eat as much and as often as I should – much of that is due to my lack of preparation.

You know  – I couldn’t be bothered to prepare my lunch that day so ended up grabbing something that I told myself was healthy but in reality was not.

While on days that I’ve meal prepped – I stick to my goals; eating the food both because it’s there and because I don’t want it to go to waste. 

Meal prep for fatigue.

The thing about fibro flare up’s is you never know when one will happen or how long it will last. We know that conserving our energy is essential but sometimes you feel like you’ve done all you can to help yourself and it still results in flare misery. Fibromyalgia is very unjust. 

When in flare, we are often too tired to ensure we eat and drink well. We know our bodies need fuel, but don’t have any fuel to collect the fuel!! This is where meal prep is really useful. On bad days, just knowing that all I need to do is grab something nutritious out of the freezer and warm it up immediately changes my mindset about how impossible I believe the task is. 

I do believe that along with lifting weights, focussing on nutrition is a major factor to the reduction of the symptoms I experience and what keeps me well for longer. Over time new habits have formed, so on my worst days I actively crave nutritious food to heal my body and mind.

My message: 

Meal preparation in bulk is a great way of ensuring you meet your macros – whether you’re conserving energy, losing weight or building muscles (or all three😁)

Video’s and recipes like this one from Goodful is a great simple way to get you started. As you grow in confidence you can trying switching ingredients to suit your tastes and needs. 

Stock up on tubs to store your food. Goodful show jars in their video, but for me while it looks great, I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to eat. I eat a lot so I don’t want to struggle to get my fork to the bottom!! Plus I don’t want the extra cost when I have plenty of tubs already. Again personal choice. 

Hope it’s helpful – and inspires you to meal prep to make your day just that little bit easier and stick to your goals.

Until next time when I share some really exciting news……. x